Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healthy Organic Chcolate Milk

Organic chocolate milk. 
When I am having a sweet tooth craving I try and find little tricks and treats that can give me my fix but not give all that sugar and calories! When I came home this morning from working out I wanted something sweet and that is most likely because my body wants quick energy and that is usually gained by consuming glucose. A better option would to have a piece of fruit instead but sometimes you just have to treat yourself guilt free!
   1 cup organic original soy milk
   1 tbsp organic honey or raw agave nectar
   (soy milk already has a sweet taste so only a little honey
    is needed)
    2 tbsp organic raw cocoa powder 
    raw coconut shreds for topping

  I mix the cocoa powder and the honey together   first because the cocoa powder may clump up in the soy milk making it hard to mix. Then i pour the chocolate honey into the soy milk and mix   until its completely dissolved. I then top it off with a little organic raw coconut and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

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